What I do

I help organisations transform sales.

I work with organisations that want to transform sales to achieve a specific business outcome. I design and deliver specific, tailored coaching interactions that can be applied to sales leaders, teams and individual sales people. Here’s what sets me apart from some of my competitors:

  • Measurable results will be evident in under 100 days
  •  Learning and improvement is guaranteed
  • I will leverage your existing sales process or framework to get results, rather than try to ‘sell’ you a new one
  • You will be able to clearly measure the business impact of any intervention and see evidence of sustainable behavioural change
  • I can work at individual, team and enterprise levels, globally or locally


No two clients are the same, and any programme will be based on the problems you are trying to solve, or the results you are striving to achieve in sales. All programmes have strong foundation mindsets, focus on your specific challenges, enable your team with the right skills and tools, and build good habits with coaching.

Prospective clients approach me with a wide range of challenges, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Increasing margin pressure
  • Achievement of tough revenue growth targets
  • Launching new services or entering new markets
  • Customer or client retention issues
  • Trying to get non-sales people to sell
  • Challenges keeping the best sales performers
  • How to get ‘middle performers’ to sell more
  • Effective adoption of a sales process or tools
  • Prior sales methodologies haven’t worked
  • Need to increase average deal value
  • Pipeline or sales funnel stagnation
  • Increasing win rates in competitive deals
  • Growing share in key accounts

The Sales Coach

If you think I can help, get in touch today.

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