UK Sales Training - Curiosity Can Drive B2B Sales

UK sales training and coaching generally has a lot of emphasis on what salespeople should be doing to close the deal. In other words, to convince the customer that they need the salesperson's business. So much is taught about what we need to say to the client during training and coaching programs, but what about actually listening to the customer during sales?

Showing curiosity and asking the right questions of clients can be just as powerful as any sales training tool and technique. Good questions and curious behaviour can build connections with clients, bring creativity into deal closing, change mindsets and, importantly, improve sales revenue. Understanding customers can lead to better comprehension of why they need or want your services, and allows your sales group to tailor their closing efforts to suit the potential client. We've grown up hearing stories about how curiosity is dangerous and serves as the killer of our feline friends. In a B2B sales environment, displaying an eagerness to find out about your clients can only be a good thing. An unsuccessful sales deal may be because of a lack curiosity. But by asking questions, your sales teams might get to the heart of the customer's problems. From there, a trained salesperson may be able to find a way to recover the deal. A willingness to learn about your customer's needs during training and when dealing with other companies can result in improved satisfaction and better value deals in future sales negotiations. When it comes to sales training UK wide, curiosity isn't a killer; it's a deal-saver.

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