Training In Sales Management - Enact Changes Now To Meet Targets

Training in sales management is crucial when it comes to ensuring that sales quotas are met. All too often we see key salespeople parachuted into sales management positions to save the day. But the reality is that sales management requires far more than just being able to sell well.

It requires planning and mapping. A successful salesperson may have been used to reacting to instructions to get to a destination, but they now have to plan how to get to that destination as a sales leader. It's a massive change in job role. Any goals that are set by a manager should be realistic, attainable, timely, specific and, of course, measurable. This is where sales management training is so important. By finding the right coach to perform sales training with both your leaders and sales team, you can rely on their experience to help make these goals truly obtainable. A coach can help set these goals/outcomes and then enable the team to meet them through intervention and coaching. An assessment can then be performed by the coach, enabling the outcomes and knowledge retention of your sales leaders and teams to be measured. Such an approach will help your teams meet the goals as closely as possible, and can give you the benefit of having an experienced, external sales leader on hand to assess your sales capabilities. And, yes, this can all be done while simultaneously meeting sales quotas and targets over a set period of time.

It's exactly what Les Bailey at UK Thrive Ltd can provide your B2B sales team. My years of experience in the sales environment will benefit your staff. My training in sales management also comes from decades spent leading sales teams. I guarantee improved sales performance in less than 100 days. To better understand how I can help, call +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, email [email protected] or visit