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Success is habitual, so look for Synergy

The Cambridge English Dictionary defines Synergy as ‘the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately’.

We’ve all heard the expression 1+1=3 or even more.

The mastery and exercise of the other habits I have blogged about prepares us for, and enables us to exhibit the habit of Synergy in sales.

I see this demonstrated by the very best Client Account Leads and Key Account Managers (or whatever title exists in the various organizations I have worked with) who realize that when it comes to building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders and their teams, collaboration delivers a better outcome for both parties. The same is true for major, complex sales opportunities with long sales cycles.

If the common sales paradigm is “Let’s compromise,” the highly effective paradigm is “Let’s come up with a better solution together.” I have seen this manifest itself in effective joint ideation and account planning sessions on many occasions.

Synergy in sales requires a high level of TRUST and a high level of COOPERATION. When both are high the result is very open communication and the creative process of synergy which provides a seemingly limitless range of ideas to explore together. When trust or cooperation are low, you’ll see defensive behaviours and protective or even ‘legal’ language.

Synergistic communication opens minds to new possibilities, ideas and options. You begin with the belief that both parties will gain better insight and learnings and that these will lead to growth. As you read this, it may feel that you are ignoring Habit 2 (to begin with the End in Mind) but in fact you are doing the opposite – you’re fulfilling it, particularly if the end in mind is for things to be significantly better than they were.

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