Sales training – What Is It And Why Do You Need It?

Sales training is better described as a must-have than a could-have. If you want to stay ahead in the sales game, it makes ample sense to a hire a professional sales coach to train your team. The large return that most companies make on the investment is reason enough to go down this path. But it is important to understand why you might want to hire someone to conduct sales training. Let’s start with a simple look at the skills that salespeople need to succeed. They just so happen to be some of the skills that a sales coach can dramatically improve over the course of their programmes.

What Sales Coaching Can Improve

Communication is an invaluable skill to a salesperson. Learning how to communicate can make or break a sales proposal, and there is nothing more awkward than a sales person reduced to simply quoting prices. Sales coaching can help your sales team write better proposals, and to communicate more effectively with customers. In the same vein, professional sales coaching can help your sales reps learn to listen better. An often-overlooked skill in the sales game is listening to the customer, which is of primary importance. This is a big problem with medium performing salespeople, who might dramatically boost their sales just by learning how to listen and pay attention. Closing the sale is an obvious lesson in the sales training curriculum. A good deal coach can teach your team how to read the signs of a deal, and hone the skills they exercise during closing. Negotiation is worth an important mention. In a sales environment, not all situations require negotiation, but it’s often at a critical juncture that a compromise needs to be reached. While all these skills seem relatively straightforward, they’re not easy to learn. You’ll need an experienced sales coach to really see improved results in your team.

The Skills Taught By Sales Management Training

Training sales reps is one thing, but an incredibly important part of sales coaching is sales management training. You need well trained and confident sales reps. But just as important are managers who know what they are doing and are secure in their abilities. Sales managers are big drivers of success and are the key to the success of sales organisations. While sales managers are often able and skilled people, mediocre sales managers are by no means a rarity. Training is the number one way to transform your “B” managers into “A” managers, and turn your “A” managers into “A*” employees. Managers need to be coached how to train in the same way that teachers must go to training school to qualify. Coaching is a large responsibility and a difficult skill that demands professional coaching. Training in sales management is also important for teaching managers how to hire. Though they don’t do this on a daily basis, it is undoubtedly also an important skill, and one that is crucial for a company’s overall well-being. Performance management, leadership, and business acumen are all skills that can and need to be taught to sales management. As your most valued and skilled employees, the benefit of coaching them is clear. Look for a sales coach who can offer 1:1 sessions with sales leaders and managers.

Why You Might Need Sales Training UK

All this is very well and good on an individual scale. You might think ‘sure there could be some employees at this company who could benefit from further training and coaching.’ But, what about the company as a whole? What are the indicators that your company needs sales training UK? Let’s start with sales problems. When a company is facing margin pressure or is struggling to hit tough revenue targets, the first thing they should do is turn to coaching. While external coaching might seem ill-advised in difficult times, the large return on the investment you will get means the difference between floating and sinking. When companies are launching new products or are venturing into new markets, they should also turn to a sales coach for extra support. But sales coaches shouldn’t only appear in times of crisis. Good sales coaches not only deal with sales problems but sales goals. When a company wants to increase their average deal value, or win rates in competitive deals, they should start their search for a good sales coach. In helping companies stay ahead, UK sales training coaches can play a crucial role. As stated at the beginning of this article, there is never an excuse not to hire one.

What Would The Perfect Sales Coach Do?

So what does a sales coach actually do? By now you should be convinced of the need to hire a sales coach, but what will they do to help your company? By knowing this, you can make the right choice when the time comes. Effective sales coaching will always involve a great deal of interaction with the client. A sales coaching programme will begin with the sales coach talking to you about your sales problems, and your sales goals. They will want to ascertain what it is that you want to achieve, and they will work with you to agree on a measurable outcome that the program will be intended to deliver. Try to avoid vague promises or wishy-washy ideas. The best sales coach will then design a tailored programme of sales training so that the participants can master the intended skills. They will then measure the outcome at the programmes end. Make sure that you have agreed on a guarantee of the outcome beforehand. A great sales coach is diverse, experienced, and they can draw on their knowledge to hold 1:1 sessions just as well as group workshops. Sound good? If so, you should take a look at UK Thrive Ltd.

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