Sales Training Providers UK - Can They Teach Social Style?

Sales training providers UK wide will offer a number of different training tools and techniques for your salespeople and sales leaders, but you may have heard of a model called 'Social Style'. Read on to discover more about it.

Social Style is said to be the most effective interpersonal skills model in the world. It helps us understand our own communication preferences, as well as the communication preferences of others through training. This training and selling concept was first introduced in 1981. Until then, sales training and courses taught companies that negotiation was a win-lose situation, and that tactics used to win sales deals were, simply, hard or soft. It introduced a new training sales model into that space between these binaries and developed a method of learning to find mutual gains between two parties. It helps sales people understand the issues and problems facing reluctant clients within a corporate training and real-time business environment. It does so by separating the sale group from any problems encountered during the deal, and encourages a focus on mutual gain and interests in an objective manner. It allows both the sales representatives and the potential customer's representatives to deal directly with one another as human beings, making it more likely for positive outcomes to be achieved. When a salesperson fails to handle the feelings of another person well, it can be disastrous for the deal. This training model allows for sales negotiations not to get too personal between negotiators. As a result, Social Style has become a valued part of management and sales training UK wide, and in training across the globe.

But are there any sales training providers UK wide who are certified to teach the Social Style program? Yes, Les Bailey UK Thrive Ltd can. I am certified to teach the Social Style model to B2B sales teams and leaders. To find out more about what I can do for you, visit, call on +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, or email [email protected]