Sales Training Management - How Do You Bring About Behavioural Change?

Sales training management is not just something that should be procedural within a B2B-orientated organisation; it should be a continually evolving procedure that is suited to strengthening the management of your sales teams. And, changing the behaviour of your sales teams is a big part of this advancement procedure.

Changing behaviours is something that is continually misunderstood ā€“ particularly in the sales management environment. You may try to introduce new techniques or behaviours to your sales group during a sales training program or training courses. It's easy to think that this is all it requires from management. But there's a chance that your sales team will completely reject these changes, especially if they personally fail to see the value of these adjustments or if they feel management is unfairly pushing the changes on them. It will take time for a sales group to adjust to these changes. It's very easy to get frustrated when this happens, but implementing changes in behaviour requires patience and repetition from sales management. This is why sales management training is incredibly important to get right. Managers must be trained in how to properly convey and continually reinforce behavioural change. This involves exposing salespeople to new behaviours and ideas, practising this with them until they're comfortable, giving them time to adjust, and then continually repeating the procedure until it is second nature to your salespeople. It most certainly does not come from one conversation, one email, or one sales meeting. It requires continual coaching.

Thankfully, you needn't look far to find sales training management experts who can help introduce behavioural change in a smooth manner without needing to completely change your organisation's framework. Iā€™m Les Bailey of UK Thrive Ltd, and I guarantee that you'll see a measurable impact in behaviours and sales performance within 100 days. To find out more, contact me via +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, email [email protected] or visit