Sales Team Coaching Can Help Increase The Average Value Of Your Deals

Sales team coaching is an important aspect of any business' success when it comes to generating leads, securing clients, and retaining continued custom of previous clients. However, proper training of your sales team can also help drive up the average customer transaction value that comes from deal wins too.

Many of the ways that the average value of your business deals is increased relate to the confidence, capability, and skills of your sales team. While there is always a focus in attempting to generate new leads, it's important to consolidate the value of the products and services provided by your organisation. Proper implementation of behavioural shifts in regards to average value deal will normalise this behaviour within your sales team, and it will also increase the value of any future deals with other clients too. Sales coaching can help your sales team and sales management team feel confident when it comes to practices such as up-selling and cross-selling to clients, while also teaching them the emotional intelligence to read when this behaviour is appropriate with a client. Retention efforts also play an important part in enabling you to raise the average value of deals with current clients. An all-round approach to sales training by an experienced coach will consider all of these behaviours, techniques, and much more when it comes to increasing the average value of current and future deals. This can only be taught by a coach who has worked in this environment, and has a track record of increasing the average deal value across multiple organisations.

I’m Les Bailey, from UK Thrive Ltd, and I have done just that for over 35 years in sales and sales leadership positions at various large multi-national organisations. I guarantee clients that they will see improved sales performance within 100 days of my sales team coaching efforts. To find out more, please visit, call us on +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, or email [email protected]