Sales Manager Coaching - Transforming An Average Performer Into A B2B Sales Superstar

Sales manager coaching can be a difficult process, particularly when performed internally. But an external, experienced sales coach can offer transformative training techniques and tools, which will ensure that you can make even an average B2B sales team or manager into a sales superstar.

It's so very easy to focus on retaining your top performers – they are, after all, bringing in the business. Yet your average performers can still learn and grow, even if your current sales training techniques aren't getting through to them. Often there's too much of a focus on numbers when it comes to key indicators of performance. There's no denying that quotas must be met, but focusing on other areas of performance, such as behaviour, can bring about changes in the long-term. You can also pair top managers with top sales teams. While this may seem counter-productive to what you want to achieve, it can also drive average sales managers and teams to step up their game. Your top team will set a new standard, and other teams will have no choice but to try and follow suit. When it comes to sales coaching for managers, a lot of good can come from teaching them to listen to and understand their team's strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. It's all too easy to chastise someone who isn't doing something correctly, but a good manager will always display empathy and understanding for their team. This can lead to an average employee feeling more valued and, therefore, becoming a better performer.

When it comes to sales manager coaching, you're going to want to see a positive impact on your sales as a result of any external training. I’m Les Bailey, of UK Thrive Ltd, and my coaching efforts guarantee your organisation an improvement in sales performance and behaviour in less than 100 days. Discover more about what I can do for you at, by calling +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, or by emailing [email protected]