Sales Management Coaching - Is It More Effective For B2B Than In-House Training?

Sales management coaching has become a highly sought after approach to staff development. However, many B2B suppliers already have in-house training programmes for their sales staff. What benefits would an external coach bring that a training programme run by a sales manager cannot?

When a sales manager runs in-house sales training, it can serve as a good reminder as to why certain behaviours or actions are more valued than others. However, the manager is also tied to a sales quota. This is unavoidable. Sales mean pressure, so a manager is going to plan and run training programmes through that lens. Because of this numbers orientated approach, key elements that drive better sales performance are missed: namely, the personal and professional growth of individual salespeople. A sales coach is external. They're divorced from the numbers and the emotions that come as a result of chasing those numbers. For this reason, the coach can focus more on the development of individual salespeople – both from a professional and personal standpoint. This direct approach has shown to have had positive results in the long-term and is seen as a far more effective way of driving change. But wait: doesn't that lack of pressure mean that the coach won't care if the coaching actually has an impact on sales performance? Perhaps some poor coaches won't care, but a good coach will care passionately about improving sales performance. When they start to put together a programme with your organisation, the right coach will work to establish a measurable outcome that both parties agree is satisfactory. This makes the coach accountable for their actions.

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