Sales Coaching – Closing The Gap Between Knowing And Doing

Sales coaching is different from sales team training. Training typically takes place in a classroom setting, where a group of salespeople receive instruction. Coaching is more likely to be a one-on-one relationship and takes place over the course of weeks or months. Sales coaching can be the difference between understanding that growth is possible, and actually achieving it, as a sales coach can help you identify and focus on what’s important, which accelerates your success. What we’re talking about here is closing the gap between knowing and doing. Sales training alone doesn’t deal with the execution element – putting the skills into practice where it matters, in the market.

The Case For Sales Coaching Over Sales Team Training

If you look at any world-class performer at the top of their game, profession or art, you’ll find coaching support in abundance. Top tennis players have coaches for fitness, diet and nutrition and technical support.  The few hours we see them on court are vastly outnumbered by the hours we don’t see – where they are working on their fitness and practicing their skills with purposefully designed drills, repetition and relentless effort OFF THE COURT.   Look at golf and the PGA rankings. At any time the difference in performance of the top 100 world players is just 2-3 strokes a round on average… it’s that close!  The take a look at the men’s top 100 ranking PGA golfers in terms of income and you’ll see a vast difference. The guy in position 1 will be earning up to 10x the player in position 100.  Look at British cycling under the coaching of Dave Brailsford, credited with the philosophy of marginal gains. Under his leadership British cycling teams dominated Olympic and World Championship cycling from 2006 to 2013. Sports coaches are responsible for training athletes by analysing their performances, instructing in relevant skills and by providing encouragement to help the athlete reach their full potential. Likewise, a trusted sales coach can help you develop and grow your business to reach its potential by analysing the gaps in your sales processes and offering advice, as well as assessing the training needs for the sales team and providing specialist training like sales team leader training. There is abundant evidence that coaching works in sport… and the same applies to sales coaching.

Things To Consider When Hiring A Coach For Sales Team Management Training

Athletes have coaches to train their bodies, but it’s their winning mindset that sets sporting champions apart. Mind over matter really counts in work and life as well as sport. If you want to win, you need to think like a winner – and a good sales coach will train your brain in that way. Winners focus their minds on winning, while losers focus their minds on winners.  Coaching and training for sales teams can help you clarify your specific goals and keep you focused on what’s really important. One can feel apprehensive about objectives that feel too big and out of reach, but a good sales coach will help you break everything down and get focused on each individual step. Sales coaching and sales team management training accelerate your success, helping you get from A to B faster than you could alone. The benefit of your sales coach’s knowledge and experience, plus the plan they’ll help you create, can give you a real competitive advantage in business.  When looking to engage a sales coach you need to look at three things:

  1. Do they have a great track record in sales coaching, not just selling? Ask for, and expect to get references.
  2. Do they work on mindset, skills AND results? Will they work with you to identify your needs and agree what a successful programme will look like IN ADVANCE?
  3. Is there a recognised structure that can be leveraged AND CUSTOMISED to your specific needs?

Finally, don’t buy on price – cheap is rarely best in class.

Focus On Outcomes When Coaching A Sales Team

Like any investment, your investment in coaching has to be focused on where you’ll likely get the best returns. It’s about the right customised programme to meet your needs, with success factors determined in advanced, and focused on the right people. Coaching a sales team usually has the greatest impact on average performers. They have the basic skills necessary to do a decent job but need a little push. That’s why personal, one-on-one coaching is usually most effective. This is not a surprise as the best sales people do need attention, but they’re most likely already motivated and skilled, and the worst performers often require well-structured training rather than coaching, or they may simply not be in the right career.  Sales coaching will not only make you a better listener, but also equip you with powerful questioning skills, which are applicable to analysing business success, managing others, and implementing changes. Whatever issues you’re facing, sales coaching is about ensuring you feel in control of your work, more positive, supported and confident about pursuing your goals.  Success in sales in measurable – ALWAYS.  To focus on business results/outcomes, set the success criteria in advance – pick just one or two key measures or KPIs that need to change from x to y and by when. These are lag measures. The next step is to focus on lead measures which will be the early signs of behavioural change that will make the long term results possible.

Increase Revenue Today With Sales Coaching From UK Thrive Ltd

Including sales coaching and sales team training in your business model is critical if you want to increase your revenue, make a positive impact on your bottom line, improve top sales professional retention rates, and positively change the culture of your business. Sales coaching can be incorporated into other training and mentor programs as it is not a stand-alone or a one-time component, but a means of effectively moving your sales team from where they are to where they need to be.  Remember the concept of marginal gains and the difference between the top 10 performers in world tennis, on the PGA golf tour and global performing artistes versus the rest. For more information, call Les Bailey on +44 (0) 1440 767972.

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