Sales Coaching UK Wide Can Help Change The Mindset Of Your B2B Sales Team

Sales coaching UK wide is a much appreciated and utilised way of training sales teams in all sorts of environments. But unlike door-to-door or cold calling efforts that mainly exist in a B2C environment, the mindset of a B2B sales team has to be different. An experienced B2B sales coach can help to develop this.

Most, if not all, B2B sales teams will have a focus on growth, but that doesn't mean growth will happen. Many obstacles can get in the way. A team that was previously enjoying success may start struggling when it comes to market changes or external factors. However, a team that has had received sales training that helps them to remain open-minded and flexible will rise to any such challenges. It's not just about having great performers, but great learners too. Someone with a more fixed mindset may give up easier, avoid challenging deals, ignore criticism, and be less of a team player. A person with a growth mindset will embrace any challenges, persist with deals, and will be able to learn from criticism that they receive. A lot of these traits can be traced to the concept of emotional intelligence. Those amongst your team with a higher 'EQ' are more likely to grow and learn than those who do not – irrespective of their IQ. The good news is that EQ can be developed in your sales team with the help of a sales coaching expert.

I’m Les Bailey, of UK Thrive Ltd, and I focus very much on making sales teams grow, which brings about an undeniable effect on sales. I am so confident of the sales coaching UK wide services that I provide, that I guarantee an improvement in the performance of your sales team within 100 days of our coaching. To find out more, please visit, call +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, or email [email protected]