Sales Coaching Training Can Transform Your Retention Efforts

Sales coaching training is valued by most businesses, but training can quickly become stale and ineffectual over time. The importance of clients to B2B organisations is paramount. Sales teams must be on top of their game at all times to gain clients, but also to keep them too. So how can training affect retention?

The Harvard Business School has claimed that improved customer retention of just 5% can lead to gains in profit from anywhere between 25% to 95%. Yet, so many businesses still have their sales teams focusing on generating new leads. This focus, however, can lead to your current clients becoming frustrated or left feeling out-of-favour. Sales coaching can help your sales management and sales teams understand the importance of retention and introduce strategies and behaviours into their work environment that can drive an increase in retention and, ultimately, profits. Ways to achieve this for those in the B2B environment is by utilising social media, setting expectations for your clients during the sales process, performing client satisfaction surveys, and simply communicating with clients in a more meaningful way. Retention and loyalty of your current clients should never be taken for granted. Good sales training provided by an external source can help evaluate and improve the way in which your sales team and sales managers perform these crucial actions. The returns of measurable sales impact and a re-energised sales team are worth it.

But, sales coaching training is still an investment. You'll want to make sure that you get the best sales coach for your expended resources. I’m Les Bailey of UK Thrive Ltd, and I have worked in the sales environment for four decades, and I am still passionate about transforming sales performance and delivering results. To see guaranteed measurable impact on your sales within 100 days, contact [email protected], call +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, or visit to find out more.