Sales Capability Assessment - Don't Forget Key Account Management

Sales capability assessment is always a good idea as it ensures that you get an external view of the strengths and capabilities of your sales managers and people, allowing you to drive change where it's needed. However, an assessment can also focus on an area that sometimes comes in second place to lead generation: retention.

It's so important to get Key Account Management (KAM) right. It's something that has only really come to fruition in a more formal manner within the past few decades, but all B2B suppliers should understand the importance of keeping your current key clients happy. With sales training often geared up towards lead generation and closing, it's important to make sure that your current customers aren't getting left out of the benefits and attractions that you may be using to generate leads. Despite the importance of KAM, it often fails and is pushed to the side. It's an important part of sales management training, but it's more than just a technique that should be trained to salespeople – it's an organisational change. It requires new behaviours that aren't just exclusive to the sales department, but behaviours that are displayed by staff at all levels. For example, what if a client is promised priority access to your products and/or services? This isn't a matter exclusive to sales; it's an issue for your operations department too. Despite this, it's extremely important that KAM is constantly in the minds of your sales leaders. However, they do need the right training. Simply dropping a successful salesperson into this role will not ensure better retention.

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