Professional Sales Coaching - Can It Achieve B2B Sales Transformation?

Professional sales coaching is a service sought out by many businesses, particularly when it comes to transforming the way a business' sales team operates. Managers who have done the job can help to a degree, but an experienced, external coach can take a sales team, and sales, to the next level.

The pressures of delivering growth above the rest of the market, whether it's during an economic upturn or downturn, are always there. To achieve great B2B sales and to retain your current clients, your sales team needs to be on the top of their game all year round. But when it comes to 'transformation', organisations have traditionally struggled to make good on this. It's thought that over two-thirds of transformations will actually fail. The main symptom of this failure? Not being able to adapt organisations to new behaviours at speed and with success. At the heart of adapting to new behaviours, particularly with your front-line sales people, is sales training. But sales coaching isn't just a case of ticking all the boxes, but rather something that has to be approached with the organisation's particular needs in mind. The introduction of new training gadgets and techniques does not guarantee success. Take, for example, someone in need of a blood transfusion. Their blood type is 'A', but the transfusion is performed with 'AB' blood. What happens? That new blood is rejected. Your organisation needs that new lifeblood, but it needs the right type. Bespoke training, with your organisation's needs in mind, is the way forward.

The Sales Coach, Les Bailey, at UK Thrive Ltd provides you with just that. With four decades of roles in sales and sales leadership, your team will receive meaningful professional sales coaching from an experienced and passionate coach. To see guaranteed improvement in your sales performance in under 100 days, head over to my website, call on +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, or email [email protected]