High IQ

OK, so you have a high IQ. What about your EQ?

Social Awareness is a key component of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). The concepts of Emotional Intelligence are not new, with research going back to the early part of the 20th century. Daniel Goleman wrote about EQ in his 1995 book Emotional Intelligence. But it was his 1998 article in Harvard Business Review that sparked great interest in the business community.

The key premise of Emotional Intelligence is that EQ skills relate to how effectively people work with others, specifically around: Self-Awareness; Self-Management; Social Awareness; and Relationship Management.

Social Awareness, is mostly about empathy. It’s the ability to read another person’s facial expressions, voice and non-verbal signals in order to understand that person’s emotions.

This is especially important for sales professionals because by staying attuned to how people are feeling, they can say and do what is most appropriate. For example, they can try to calm people’s concerns, phrase questions and proposals better, or more quickly build trusted relationships.

Certainly different situations necessitate different sales techniques. And in practice a sales professional with good EQ skills is able to assess a situation and determine an appropriate response. Without EQ, a person with high IQ, great experience and good ideas will not become a great sales performer.

The truth is that some people will be more naturally gifted than others, but the good news is that EQ skills can be learned.

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