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Manage Sales People & Processes

Whether you are a first-line sales manager, or a manager of sales managers, you’ll appreciate that the skills required to manage a sales team, or multiple sales teams effectively, are very different from the skills used by successful sales people, folks you might term as individual contributors.

Most sales managers that I coach struggle with time and priority management. They know intuitively what to do as a sales person, and often fail to learn the key skills that can help them transition from being a great manager to being a great leader… and there’s a huge difference between a manager and a leader.

Great leaders realise that the job is to consistently coach people (skills) and deals (sales opportunities) if they are to grow their people AND their business.

  • Recruitment and retention of high performers;
  • Skill/Will analysis of team members;
  • Coaching people for breakthrough performance;
  • Coaching people for engagement;
  • Effective priority management;
  • Managing the different Social Styles;
  • Building trusted team relationships;
  • Effective deal coaching and advancement;
  • Qualification and pipeline management; and
  • Performance management;

All of the preceding list of skills, just like those in my earlier blogs on sales capabilities and sales effectiveness are teachable.
With the right learning and coaching environment, the right mindsets and habits, and a clear goal, your sales organisation can be transformed with visible results within 100 days.

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