It’s all about them… Not about you!

Sales professionals at the top of their game adopt the sales success mindsets of Client Centricity, Curiosity, Social Awareness, and Self-Development.

Client Centricity is the key to finding out great information about a clients’ challenges. Linked with Curiosity and good Emotional Quotient/Social Awareness it can make the difference between an ‘A’ player and ‘Mr. or Ms. Average’ in sales.Consider the following quotation from Jack Welch, former CEO of GE.

“One thing we’ve discovered with certainty is that anything we do that makes the customer more successful inevitably results in a financial return for us.”

What this means is that if you want to be successful in sales, concentrate first on the success of others, and then on your own success. A buyer can sense a sales person with a pressing target and the wrong intent, i.e. to cajole, persuade, manipulate and apply pressure. On the other hand, genuine buyers will welcome a dialogue based on THEIR needs and challenges, and will share much more information if your intent is genuine and your paradigm is to help them succeed.

Buyers make judgements about sales people very quickly. Unfortunately, and unlike our judicial system, sales people are mainly judged ‘guilty until proven innocent’. The proof of your innocence is in the behaviour exhibited in the very first interaction – your perceived intent.

A clients’ perception of your intent will have a significant impact on the responses you elicit as clients all seem to have ‘authenticity detectors’ built-in. Top sales performers create success twice; once in their own mind when planning, and then in the execution, so be sure your intent serves the best interest of both parties.

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