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Five Important Traits To Look For In A Sales Coach

The sales coaching industry has never been stronger. Now worth billions of pounds across the globe, there has never been a bigger choice of coaching and training options for organisations. But this also poses a problem for businesses: which sales training providers UK wide do you use? Well, we’re here to give you five traits that you should look for in any good coach for your sales team and/or managers.

You will find that the best sales coaches will always put your organisation first. A good sales coach will do their utmost to understand the goal of any training or coaching efforts within your organisation. In order for training to be successful, there always has to be a goal or an objective in mind. This is how organisations are able to measure the results and success of such training. So if you have been using a coach who has come in with a number of pre-conceived notions about how training of your sales team should go, it’s time to drop this person. Coaching needs to be reflective of the situation. Conversely, another important trait is to ensure that your coach is someone who will challenge behaviours and conventional approaches within your organisation. Sure, you may have an idea of what you want to be gained, but your coach will be someone who is not afraid to suggest changes. If they don’t question presumptions or challenge behaviours, then you should avoid such coaches. It’s possible for good coaches from sales training companies to simultaneously set goals in line with your business, but also to challenge why you want certain outcomes. The two are not mutually exclusive.

A third trait to look out for in a good coach is finding someone who has walked in the shoes of those that they are training. In the case of salespeople, it is someone who has worked in a sales environment and who has managed in a sales environment. It’s possible to find many sales training providers UK wide, yet some have very little experience in the fields of sales. So in order for coaching to be successful, your coach needs to be an example of the change that they want to enact. They need to represent those behaviours or traits that you want your sales teams’ to demonstrate. The fourth trait relates to results. Sure, your coach may have had experience in a field, but can they demonstrate results? The top sales training companies UK wide will have plenty of clients who can attest to a coaching company’s training and coaching abilities. So a demonstrable history of success is definitely a must have. Lastly, a great coach will want sales managers and sales teams to succeed. They don’t want to be on the books of your organisation forever. Sure, good coaching takes time to ensure that a full training or coaching plan can be fully implemented; but you should never be reliant on just one coach for decades.

These are just some of the traits that you should look for when it comes to finding sales training providers UK wide. These traits combined will ensure that you end up with sales management training that will provide measurable results.

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