Effective Sales Coaching - Can It Help Overcome B2B New Market Entry Challenges?

Effective sales coaching is something you will be looking to implement if your organisation is entering a new B2B market. There are a number of challenges that come from entering new markets, so it's perhaps not reasonable to expect that a previously successful sales team will be effective here too without coaching.

There needs to be an appreciation of the market that you're arriving in. It's likely that there will already be well-established competitors, so your organisation and sales team needs to understand and accommodate to this challenge, particularly if your organisation has been effective in another market for some time. Trust is the biggest factor. A new supplier will be viewed with scepticism. Therefore, coaching in sales and sales training with this in mind is very effective. An effective sales coach can help to devise a strategy for success in the sales department. You may want coaching to focus on buyers in the market who already have a relationship with your organisation. Or perhaps you are seeking coaching that focuses on directly competing to dislodge suppliers who are complacent or who aren't effective enough when it comes to retention? Coaching in sales on aspects such as emotional intelligence and client centricity can really help give your sales leaders and sales teams an advantage over established competition. If your sales team has coaching in sales that's customer-centric, there's no reason why they can't dislodge established competitors.

When it comes to truly effective sales coaching, these are the tips that a good coach in sales will focus on. This coaching and training won't just benefit salespeople entering new or established markets; this coaching will also help salespeople in current markets too. I’m Les Bailey, of UK Thrive Ltd, and I focus on coaching these skills. I guarantee measurable sales impact and new sales behaviours within 100 days. For more, go to, email [email protected] or call +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532.