Direct Sales Coach - How Do You Measure The Impact Of Training?

Direct sales coach services look great on paper: a sales expert comes direct into your organisation, assesses the situation and enacts fresh direct coaching to impact sales performance. Terrific! But what if you aren't able to measure that direct sales impact over the next few months? Does that mean the training in sales failed?

Not necessarily, it just means that your coach failed. A good sales coach will take a direct approach to understanding what your sales team is lacking right now. This direct discussion allows the coach to understand what issues the client is facing in the sales department, whether it is sales problems, sales ambitions, or behavioural change. There are coaches out there who only have a one-solution approach to sales problems, but a good coach will treat every client differently and with flexibility. This avoids any chances of direct incompatibility with your organisation's sales framework, and allows the coach to work within your organisation to create a sales training programme that works. Good coaching intervention will always include discussions with clients about the desired sales outcomes. What improvements do you want to see? This should be the point where a direct measurable outcome is set ā€“ essentially, the desired outcome of the training that can be measured. Then it's a case of the programme being designed to fit your organisation's desired outcomes, and then performing the direct coaching to your sales leaders and teams. Then it's time to measure for any direct improvements in sales ā€“ did the coach achieve what they set out to do?

This accountability is important. Every organisation deserves a direct sales coach who can offer measurable results. Iā€™m Les Bailey, of UK Thrive Ltd, and I follow the above processes to allow my clients to do just that. In fact, I guarantee clients direct measurable sales impact in less than 100 days. Why am I so confident? Come find out at, by calling +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, or by emailing [email protected]