Best Sales Training Companies UK Wide That Can Help Boost B2B Win Rates

Best sales training companies UK wide that can help boost B2B win rates in sales ā€“ if you've just Googled that, don't worry: you're not alone. B2B win rates are something that irks every business owner and sales leader. But we're here to tell you that win rates can be changed with the right training in sales.

In fact, the number one sales competitor isn't the competitors in your market: it's indifference. Recent statistics have shown that businesses aren't really losing more sales deals than usual to their competitors; rather, they're losing to B2B buyers doing nothing. While it's easy to look at these sales figures with despair, think of it as an opportunity: if no one is winning these buyers, then you can still win sales. Even just an improvement of a couple per cent in win rate can lead to a massive improvement in revenue ā€“ so training is key. One thing that has arisen out of this age of indifference amongst B2B buyers is that sales managers need to perform better sales training. Sales research from the last five years has found that nearly 50% of sales managers needed improvement when it came to the fields of coaching, training, and mentoring. It's easy to point the finger at sales managers, but the reality is probably that they have received insufficient management training themselves. This can be corrected by finding a sales training UK expert to act as a training coach to your sales manager(s). They can help elevate the performance of your sales manager and your sales team.

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