Advanced Selling Skills - Your Staff Are Smart, But Are They Emotionally Intelligent?

Advanced selling skills are something that all leaders want for their sales team. We often see new skills and techniques as something to be applied when we interact with a lead or a potential client. But good training will go deeper than artifice – it will bring about genuine behavioural change.

It's fine that your sales team are smart and are able to pick up on new tips, techniques, and tools that come from sales training; but emotional intelligence is crucial when it comes to closing deals and during the management of key accounts. Emotional intelligence, on a personal level, allows for people to have more success in every area of their life: physically, emotionally, socially, and financially. While it may seem like this is something that your staff are either born with or not, the reality is that emotional intelligence can be taught with proper coaching and proper self-introspection. But why does emotional intelligence (EQ) benefit a sales team? EQ allows your staff to better self-manage, be socially aware, and to build more meaningful relationships. These traits are crucial when it comes to generating leads, communicating with potential clients, closing deals, and maintaining great relations with current clients. It's not just something that you should look at in regards to sales management training; rather, EQ is something that can benefit the whole of your sales team. A change in behaviour can change the way in which your employees see the world and can, in turn, boost their performance and desire to do well at work.

So when it comes to advanced selling skills, don't just focus on the latest gadgets and techniques; think about improving and enhancing employee behaviour and the way they approach potential and existing clients. At UK Thrive Ltd, I do just do that – I am Les Bailey, and I can guarantee an impact on sales performance within 100 days too. To secure my services, please call +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, email [email protected], or visit