I help organisations grow.

I describe myself as passionate about sales and sales performance. This passion still burns strong in the quest of professionalism for sales and business development and improved performance of individuals and teams.

In over 35 years I have held and mastered most sales and sales leadership roles, so I bring a ‘can do’ and ‘have done’ perspective to my client coaching engagements. I have built and sold several businesses, the last one being sold to global consulting firm Accenture in 2006. In addition, I am certified to teach Programmes from Franklin Covey, and Tracom’s Social Styles.

Rather than say too much more about myself, I believe there is far greater value in what others say about their experience in working with me. So here are a few of the many comments I receive:


“Les is an astute business partner, with strong business acumen and business development skills. His experience and professionalism gives him the credibility to coach and, where appropriate, advise clients in order to achieve desired outcomes. Les has the enviable quality of strong character and competence.”
Kate Devos, Client Partner
Franklin Covey

“I have worked with Les both as a colleague and more recently with Les providing a service. Les is organised, diligent and professional. He follows up on feedback and is proactive in making sure sessions he runs are properly organised. Les has a very nice nature, making him easy to work with.”
Graham Healy, Managing Director

“Les was a great coach to my Sales team. He demonstrated passion and commitment and enjoyed great support from team. He was seen as an expert and created an environment for learning.”
Ahmed Mazhari
Global Head of Sales and Client Relationships

“Les has deep domain knowledge of and a tremendous enthusiasm for the sales profession. He is an outstanding coach and mentor, particularly within complex organisations and ‘big-ticket’ sales. He is open, candid and respectful of other people’s abilities.”
Stuart Batchelor

“Les has added good value and helped us along our business transformation journey through thoughtful dialogue and coaching as well as delivering productive workshops.”
Carlos Quevedo
Head of Commercial Operations, Europe

“Les worked with me as a coach and guide for a significant role change I was undergoing at the time of our interaction. He has extensive practical experience of influencing CXO level stakeholders. His ability to narrow down the problem statement and understand the situation is commendable.”
Parul Ranvir Singh
Global Relationship Manager

Here’s asmall selection of feedback comments from programme delegates across several industries, gathered in the past year. Each of these (and more) are available to view.

“This session has left a lasting impression on my mind. It really has helped to add discipline to all the sales work I do, how to be client centric, how to accelerate the decision making in a sales context. I could go on and on!  Les is not just a great trainer with a great sales knowledge, but he is a great mentor and in just 3 days he’s helped me think in such a new perspective and how I could add value to the clients I would work for and to myself!”

“Les led a good, clear and structured programme for new and experienced sales people. Everyone should go through this programme.”

“I would definitely recommend it. There is so much we need to learn, even if it is common sense. The way of approaching and talking to clients is Key. With the know-how I gained here I am sure I will be successful! I liked the way of presenting, approaching, working of Les. He is passionate about everything he is saying which makes it a pleasure to work with him.”

“Very valuable principles and lessons. I have been in sales for 7 years and have never learnt anything like this before. Engaging, which made his teaching practical. Good stories and high energy.”

“The material was really relevant – accessible but also thought provoking. The course also provides a great toolkit to takeaway and use in a practical way.  Les was brilliant. Thoroughly engaging style – loads of great examples and experiences to share, and allowed us to practice in small groups rather than the usual awkward performance in front of the whole group. He was a large factor in driving group cohesion and fun learning environment.”

“Practical, useable and fits our culture/my personality. Really engaging and kept the energy up. Was also open to challenge.”

“Good pitching for consultative sales. Great style. Perfect pacing. Knows the subject matter.”

“Very relevant for our industry.Les is v. genuine and credible.”

“Helps to structure simple ideas that we may be already implementing into a consistent, client centred process.Les was an engaging presenter, but also was able to share his own experiences of a client receiving services similar to ours.”

“Les is a professional and relatable person, which is intrinsically important to even begin listening to someone.”

“Les was great with the team. Calm, attentive, credible, keen and passionate to help. We’re all excited about continuing to work with him.

“I have found a number of tools and techniques that I will be able to introduce into my working practice.Les is engaging and responsive, has a clear expertise in the subject, and was able to adapt his style/message to my requirements and examples.”

“Les Bailey was incredibly credible and ensured the engagement of the group. There were a number of tools which will prove beneficial in the short and longer term.”

“Provided me with some powerful structure for key points within the sales process where I needed guidance.Clearly articulated the subject matter and effectively engaged the whole group in meaningful interactive exercises.”

“Les has helped me understand how complex the sales process is and it will change my way of dealing with sales teams going forward. I’m inspired to share all I learned with my superiors & peers. Les is doing an awesome job in bringing ‘sales’ forward, it is passionate structured and a lot of fun. This workshop creates appetite to dive deeper and Les is the perfect guy to bring this message forward.Sold!

“Each section was taught in increments and then built up gradually which makes you focus and understand each section. The constant practice and role play ensures you remember the construct of your call plan. Les gets to know the group, involved everyone at every stage, made everyone feel very comfortable and was happy to give specific advice if requested.”

“Very good learning, excellent with a lot of exercises! Will be applicable at my work!Very good presenter! Main reason is that he blends theory with practical examples. Very interesting and inspiring to listen to and you can tell he has a lot of experience in the field.”

“Lots of great hands on exercises and tools that can easily be tried in real life. Looking forward to the upcoming 12 weeks of putting it in practice.Great teacher, clear messages, high level of commitment, believes in what he teaches.”

“The work sessions are highly relevant and instantly applicable! Basically applied them successfully during the course! Highly interactive and focussing on the relevant stuff without including tons of context material like in other training.Highly entertaining, highly relevant, and he was able to provide extremely valuable and eye-opening real examples!”

“It’s my first training and it was very very enlightening.Fresh, concise, crisp presenter. It was fun and one could feel that Les has fun doing this!”

“You can’t hear these principles too many times! Puts structure around intuition and a platform for practice.Extremely engaging, credible and likeable. Maintained energy, kept to time, sprinkled valuable insights into conversations and also a sense of humour!”

“I think the content is really applicable to everyone and can add value to how you work more effectively.Les is great at simplifying/explaining things and can really engage people. He succeeded at making us relaxed to participate accordingly.”

“I’ve done training before, but found this to be more impactful, more accessible and less academic. Far more practical.Excellent listener, adapted to our culture and people. Complete mastery of the methodology. Great balance and highly engaging!”

“Found it very valuable to have better guidelines to structuring meetings and get the most value out of them. Demonstrating our capability without simply talking all the time.”

“It provides a simple framework for people to use and the 12 week follow up programme helps people practice.Les has a good balance of teaching and leading the group using real world examples.”

“I actually didn’t quite know what to expect, but the pace is good as is the content. It is applicable to daily work. Everybody should probably take this course and dig deeper if it makes sense.Excellent presenter, funny and very relevant. Very good rhythm for the course, many examples. Very easy to talk to. Made us work with everyone which was very good. Thanks!”

“Very relevant, hands on activities, practical tips, gives us a good framework to hone our skills further.Les showed a great amount of empathy and understanding of the different levels of experience of the participants. Great insight into our culture. Very focussed and brings a vast amount of insights.”

“Fantastic and insightful training, equipping us with essential skills. Amazing instructor!”

“Les has allowed us to codify our approach to sales with the tools he discussed during the session. Les was practical in his advice and clearly has the real life experience in this area.”

“I found the course incredibly useful and eye-opening to something that is often a mystery. Les was brilliant at bringing the course to life with multiple relevant and engaging experiences.”

“No part of the session was boring or redundant. Pace was good.Very interesting and engaging way of teaching.”

“I didn’t know what to expect but I felt the structure to the process of selling was key for me. I’ve not been exposed to this type of training and it’s very helpful. Les was fantastic! Having his experience is a huge plus and I felt that he was able to connect with us well.”

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