Top Sales Coaches Teach Sales Teams To Nurture Leads

Top sales coaches have a whole arsenal of tools, techniques, behaviour models, and approaches at their disposal. This is because every organisation is unique and each sales team may require particular knowledge to help take that step to the next level. However, a common way in which top coaches impact sales teams is by getting them to perform lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is still in a very nascent period. Many B2B suppliers still haven't adopted this approach because leaders don't understand its value or believe it is too complex, time-consuming, or costly for their organisation. Yet that's not a sound conclusion to make: in fact, research shows that 97% of top sales performers believe that the reason an organisation should implement lead nurturing is to increase the number of sales-ready leads. It also shows that these top performers are twice as likely to nurture leads than any other sales representatives. These top performers who are in organisations benefiting from lead nurturing also reported double the sales conversion over those who were not leveraging such a practice. With the right sales coach on board to help transform your salespeople into a team of lead nurturers, your organisation should be able to properly measure what affect this type of sales training, and practice could have on your organisation. It's thought that somewhere close to 10% of potential clients who are not yet ready to buy will probably convert to a sale. In the B2B market, every deal matters, much more than in B2C. As a result, lead nurturing is worth the effort and energy.

One of the best top sales coaches who can help nurture and advance these new opportunities is Les Bailey at UK Thrive Ltd. I pride myself on the impact that my training will bring about – so much so that I guarantee measurable impact within 100 days. Contact me today on +44 (0)1440 767972 or +44 (0)7979 535532, by emailing [email protected], or by visiting